Mark Zuckerberg Takes on ChatGPT – What You Need to Know!

Mark Zuckerberg Faces Off Against ChatGPT – Here’s What You Should Know. OpenAI’s goal is to create something called artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is like super-smart computer thinking.

The boss of OpenAI, Sam Altman, spent the last year talking a lot about AGI. He said AGI could be good or bad. In a blog post, he said, “A super-smart AGI going in the wrong direction could hurt the world.” Later, he told important people in Congress that we need rules to control the risks of super-smart machines.

But Altman also said AGI could be super helpful. He said, “If we make AGI, it could make life better by giving us more stuff, making the world’s money machine go faster, and helping us find new cool science things.”

Some smart people who study this stuff say there’s no proof AGI can even happen.

A smart person named Suresh Venkatasubramanian said AGI fears are like strong beliefs pretending to be smart thoughts. Altman now thinks AGI is coming kinda soon, but he says it won’t change everything as much as we think.

He said, “When we get AGI, people will freak out for two weeks, and then we’ll go back to doing regular human things.”

Even though Altman isn’t so worried now, Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook/Meta, is really excited about making AGI. Zuckerberg is on the AGI train.

In a video on Instagram, he said he’s making two AI teams work together to make AGI. He wants to share it with everyone.

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Zuckerberg said, “We need a super smart system for the next cool stuff.” His plan is different from other big AI companies like OpenAI. They usually keep everything secret. Zuckerberg likes the idea of sharing because it helps more people.

He thinks it’s important to avoid making something super good and then only giving it to a few. He also said the big AI companies are also the ones saying, “Slow down! Be careful!”

Meta, Zuckerberg’s company, is building a ton of stuff to make AGI. They’re using lots of powerful computer chips. They’re also teaching a computer program called Llama 3.

Zuckerberg wants Llama 3 to be one of the best in the business. He says the cool AI stuff will mix with something called the “metaverse,” which is like a fancy virtual world.

In the future, he thinks we’ll talk to smart machines all day. He’s excited about glasses called Rayban Meta, which are a hit. Zuckerberg says, “We’re just getting started with all this cool stuff.”

Even though he’s talking about the metaverse a lot, Zuckerberg is still really into it. He’s spending a lot of money on it every year. He thinks it’s so important that everyone should get to use it.

Shares of Meta went up a bit after all this news. They’re doing okay this year.

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