Egg Moves are a new feature that was introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

image: NintendoSoup

The creators of Pokémon decided to introduce Egg Moves in order to help Players stay competitive.

This new feature was implemented in order to prevent players from abusing the game in other ways.

Though Egg Moves are not often talked about, they can be quite useful in the game.

There are a few things that you can do with egg moves, and I want to share them with you

Keep reading to learn more about how egg moves work in the Pokémon games!

Moves that your Pokémon hatches with are called Egg moves

What are EGG MOVES?

Though Egg moves are unique to each Pokémon, they are also standard moves that all Pokémon can use

Instead of getting a random move specific to that type of Pokémon, your EGG gets handed down a move from One of its Parents

By Breeding specific Pokémon, you can increase the range of moves that it will be able to use once it Hatches

According to this idea, the child would be able to use any move that either of their parents could use

Initially only the Father able to give One Move to the EGG

In Pokémon X and Y instead of Father, Now both Parents can pass One move to the EGG

With this Ability you can create Super Overpowered Pokémon without Breaking any Rules

The Pokémon Egg Move can be any of the parent’s learnable moves as long as they are being used when the child is created

With a Little practice, you will be able to work with Egg Moves in Pokémon games

Let's get to work and start playing your gaming system!