Nintendo does not have a good reputation for embracing fan-created content, such as wacky Pokémon games built by fans.

Fans were willing to trust former Nintendo workers who claimed the firm despised Nuzlocke runs. 

Patternz, a gaming content developer, announced Nintendo's stance on Nuzlockes on Twitter.

"The Pokémon Company thinks Nuzlocke runs are 'on the same level as' ROM Hacks according to former Nintendo employees,"  He tweeted.

Two former Nintendo workers address a question on whether they've ever played "Pokémon" on a Nuzlocke run.

They reportedly proposed playing "Pokémon" on a Nuzlocke run for a Nintendo Minute video, but Nintendo rejected.

"They were gonna fire us," said Krysta, one of the former employees.

The two employees in the video then went on to detail how difficult it was to suggest anything unique for fear of being kicked from the program by company representatives.

The Pokémon International Company then issued a statement declaring that it did not genuinely disapprove of Nuzlockes, according to owner Joe Merrick. Here's his (and The Pokémon Company's) version of events.

"I've actually spoken to TPCi about this. They confirmed to me that this is incorrect," Merrick said.

"They haven't cut out people for doing Nuzlockes or anything like that. They don't care as long as you follow the confines of what's possible in the game."

Some content providers backed up Merrick's message with their own personal experiences. Merrick further stated that the two sensations were not mutually exclusive.

It's unknown what transpired between Nintendo and the Nuzlocke-running content developers.

However, the company's official stance is that Nuzlockes are and have always been Fine.

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