Get Ahead of AI with the Fast-Sweeping Rise of This Other Technology

Get Ready to Stay Ahead of AI with the Rapidly Growing Power of This Other Technology. Welcome to the cutting edge, a force that is poised to shape and transform our jobs and businesses even before AI takes center stage.

While artificial intelligence (AI) garners much attention, another technological force has been steadily gaining momentum and attracting substantial investments.

It’s all around us, proliferating ceaselessly in sensors, trackers, production machines, appliances, wearables, vehicles, and buildings.

Welcome to the cutting edge, which holds the potential to reshape our professional landscape and revolutionize the way we do business even before AI fully asserts its dominance.

Many of the innovative devices and products showcased here at ZDNET embody the power of this cutting-edge wave.

The cutting edge and the Internet of Things (IoT) are burgeoning industries, capturing the attention of businesses worldwide.

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According to a survey conducted by the Eclipse Foundation, a staggering 23% of respondents plan to invest between $100,000 and $1 million in IoT and cutting-edge technologies in 2022.

33% anticipate spending similar amounts in 2023, with 10% expecting to allocate over $10 million for these endeavors.

More than half (53%) of enterprises are already implementing IoT solutions, and an additional 24% are actively planning to introduce them within the next 12 to 24 months.

These use cases primarily revolve around real-time applications that demand localized data processing, low-latency responsiveness, and adherence to data residency regulations.

As Alsaied explains, edge applications are invaluable for companies operating in remote environments where data upload to the cloud is challenging due to connectivity limitations. Highly regulated industries like government, healthcare, and financial services also benefit from the ability to store and process sensitive data within specific geographic boundaries, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sectors such as automotive, which require processing massive volumes of data in real-time for immediate insights and responses, find the cutting edge indispensable.

Nevertheless, one significant hurdle remains: many companies have yet to fully comprehend the intricacies and demands of IoT and cutting-edge technologies.

As Alsaied notes, “For many organizations, connecting a few devices is a straightforward task, but challenges arise when they aim to scale up, such as updating an entire fleet, onboarding new devices, and maintaining secure and future-proof platforms.” Companies face various challenges when deploying edge/IoT solutions, including the following:

  1. Skills: Navigating the vast array of technologies and skills required within the ecosystem poses a considerable challenge.
  2. Standardization: Adoption, scalability, and device management present obstacles. For example, organizations often seek assistance in connecting legacy equipment that was not initially designed for digitization. They also require guidance on efficiently and cost-effectively integrating digitized operational technology with their IT infrastructure.
  3. Security: Security concerns remain a prominent obstacle for IoT projects, impeding their transition from pilot to full-scale production.
  4. Systems: Customers express concerns about future-proofing their investments. They need to consider the impact of IoT investments on existing legacy equipment, the compatibility with previous IoT initiatives, the potential return on investment, and the risk of incurring technical debt in the future.

Fortunately, the knowledge and toolsets developed within the realm of cloud services can be leveraged for cutting-edge IoT. We can expect to witness further innovations that extend the advantages of the cloud to wherever businesses require them.

As Alsaied affirms, “This entails utilizing the same tools and capabilities present in the cloud, whether it’s on-premises data centers, IoT devices, or even outer space. These innovations will enable the development of high-performance, intelligent applications capable of overcoming the challenges of latency, data residency, and data processing for the modern era.”

Embrace the cutting-edge IoT revolution, and get ready to ride the wave of this transformative technology. Stay ahead of the AI curve and witness how the world of work and business evolves in remarkable ways, driven by the power of innovation and the limitless potential of the cutting edge.

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