Google Including Samsung’s Quick Share on Every Android Devices

Google is making your Android devices even cooler by adding Samsung’s Quick Share feature. Do you know how Apple has AirDrop? Well, now Android has Quick Share!

At CES 2024, Google spilled the beans about Quick Share, a cool teamwork thing with Samsung to make sharing super easy on Android and Chromebook gadgets.

Samsung let us in on the Quick Share action at Galaxy Unpacked 2024, showing how this new sharing thing works. And hey, the fresh Quick Share will come already installed on the Samsung Galaxy S24, which they unveiled at the same event.

So, here’s the deal: Samsung and Android had their sharing tricks for a while, but they didn’t always play nice together. Quick Share is like the peacemaker, bringing the best sharing features from both Google and Samsung to all Android buddies.

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Quick Share isn’t exactly brand new. Samsung had it since 2020, and Android had its sharing gig, Nearby Share, from around the same time. But guess what? Now, Google and Samsung are tag-teaming to create a super cool cross-Android sharing thing called Quick Share.

Quick Share and Nearby Share might seem similar, but they have some big differences. Quick Share was initially just for Samsung gadgets, while Nearby Share was for all Android devices, including Samsung. But Quick Share had some cool moves that Nearby Share didn’t, like sending stuff to multiple devices at once.

No need to stress, though. If you’re an Android fan, you won’t have to choose anymore because Quick Share and Nearby Share are becoming best buds.

Now, on your device, you’ll spot the new Quick Share icon. Click on it, and you’ll see a list of nearby devices where you can share photos, videos, and files. Don’t worry about privacy – you can control who finds your device and sends you stuff. Choose everyone, only your contacts, or just your gadgets.

Exciting news! Quick Share is joining the party for all devices with Nearby Share in February. And get this – Google is teaming up with LG to bring Quick Share to Windows as an app that’s already installed.

But wait, there’s more! Google also spilled the beans on some Chromecast updates at CES 2024.

Chromecast, the thing that lets you stream stuff from your Android, Google, and Apple gadgets, is getting a facelift. You can now quickly connect Bluetooth gadgets to Chromecast with Google TV using Fast Pair. And guess what? You can cast TikTok stuff from your phone to any Chromecast-friendly device. Imagine scrolling through your feed or watching live TikTok videos on your smart TV!

Chromecast is spreading its wings too. It’s becoming a built-in feature in more devices, like the 2024 LG TV series and LG Hospitality and Healthcare gadgets. That means you can easily stream shows and movies on LG TVs in hotels without dealing with third-party apps.

If you’re into music and podcasts, here’s a treat – soon, you can cast your Spotify or YouTube Music jams from your Pixel phone to your docked Pixel Tablet. How cool is that?

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